Interview de Danny Arroyo

Burt 1998 

Danny Arroyo a joué aux cotés de Burt Reynolds dans Hard Time en 1998, un téléfilm réalisé par Burt.  Voici son interview, en anglais dans le texte. L’interview a bien évidemment été réalisé par notre Burt à Cinérama car qui mieux que Burt pouvait mener une interview sur Burt Reynolds ?

Hard Time

1) Burt : How was it to work with Burt Reynolds ?
Burt Reynolds was the nicest, most giving actor I had
worked with. He was friendly, and full of great stories.
The many days I worked on the set just flew by because of
all the fun we had.

Burt & Danny

2) Burt : In « Hard Time », Burt was also the director, what kind of
director is he ?
He was very dedicated about the project, and helped all the
actors to bring forth their best possible performances.
There was no pressure, lots of trust, and lots of nurturing
on his part. He knew many little « tricks of the trade » to
help bring out better performances. A true professional.

3) Burt : Can you tell us what kind of actor is Burt Reynolds ?
He knew his lines backwards and forwards. Every acting take
was purposely done a little different, so the editor would
have many acting scenes to choose from.

plan camera

4) Burt : Do you learn something from him on the set ?
He taught about how he focuses before he begins his scene.
Doing this would bring about a realism that all acting
needs. He also taught me how to appear as if I had truly
died. A trick taught to him many years ago, when he was a
newer actor, by the legendary James Stewart. That was
thrilling to think such an iconic actor passed something
from Burt to me.

Indications tournage

5) Burt : What kind of guy is Burt Reynolds on and off set ?
He is a very giving person. He gladly allowed me to take
pictures with him, which are now on my website. He very
willingly gave his autograph to anyone who asked. After the
shoot, Burt gave me a very nice gift. An beautiful engraved
leather script holder. It had my first name, and « From
Burt » on it in shiny gold lettering. It was a thoughtful
present and only continued to tell the story of how nice a
person he is.

6) Burt : You seam to be in good shape, which sports do you
practice ?
I jog and do weight training a few times a week. I’m not a
boxer, but I do boxing training a couple times a week as

7) Burt : What are your projects now ?
I just finished working on a film called « Richard III ». It
is a remake of William Shakespeare’s Richard III based in
modern days Beverly Hills 2006. In it I play Lord Grey, the
son of Queen Elizabeth, played by Maria Conchita Alonso.
David Carridine also stars in it. I currently have a
national Heineken commercial running about superheroes
where I play a superhero. My next project is a lead in a
horror film called « Detention ».

8) Burt : What are your favorite actors ?
I have a few favorites that I respect and admire their
talents. James Dean, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, and
Johnny Depp.

9) Burt : What type of character do you want to play ?
I am open to do many roles as long as I like the characters
and the story.

10) Burt : Can I wish you something for 2006 ?
A simple wish of continued success, happiness, and
longevity in my career. Thanks.

 Un grand merci à Danny Arroyo. Thank you man !

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