Carole Reed talks about JMV

Interview of Carole Reed 

Cette interview sera prochainement traduite en français.

Carole Reed is an Elisabeth Taylor lookalike, and she’s a good one ( She have been doing appearances as Liz for 20 years. She’s not a diva but a smart, a kind and an helpful person who agreed to answer some questions about a meeting she had with Jan-Michael Vincent some years ago. Jan-Michael Vincent, new star of the 70s who played with actors such as James Coburn, Gene Hackman, Burt Reynolds or Charles Bronson. After that he starred in Airwolf which made him a big worldwide-star of the eighties before falling into B grade and Z grade movies because of a heavy addiction to alcohol.

Burt (Cinerama) : Carole can you introduce yourself to the French fans of Jan-Michael Vincent and the visitors of Cinerama ? 

I am a born again Christian and have been all of my life so when I was approached to do be an Elizabeth Taylor lookalike I didn’t even know who Elizabeth Taylor was and that is the truth. When I met Jan Michael Vincent he was leaning against a wall at a hotel in Beverly Hills.  I was doing an appearance as Liz Taylor Double and he was leaning against the wall.  I asked him if I could have a picture with him and he was very nice and of course said yes. I will have to say that he had a lot to drink unfortunately.  We talked for a while and then I left.

Carole Reed talks about JMV dans Interviews carole_reed_liz_01

Carole Reed

Burt (Cinerama) : Is it exciting to be Elizabeth Taylor ? Do you feel to be yourself or, are you an actress who plays a part? 

I am always always myself and even through I do not pretend to be her people stops me on the street and in stores and in restaurants all over the place and the want an autograph and of course I am happy to give it to them.  This has been going on for 18 years that is how long I have been doing appearances as Liz.

Burt(Cinerama) : Can you tell us when and where did you meet Jan-Michael Vincent ? 

He was at the Wilshire Hotel In Beverly Hills in August of 2003.

Burt (Cinerama) : Why did Jan-Michael came to that event ? 

I belonged to a cowboy club for about 5 years and we dressed like the cowboys did in the 1800’s and the dress I have on in the picture was the type of dresses they wore in the 1800’s and I word for a cowboy club and we had a convention at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

Burt (Cinerama) : How do you feel he was ?  Very tippsy if you know what I mean he had a few to many. 

Burt (Cinerama) : Did he talk to you or speak about the movies he starred in at that time ?

No he wasn’t even sure where he was I am not sure how he got home.

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Jan-Michael Vincent & Carole Reed

Burt (Cinerama) : It’s hard to think that Jan-Michael had such a problem with alcohol at that time since he looks very happy and healthy in that picture. 

 But he was really way out there Some rumors around him are not really good. Well it is a shame but they are true.

Burt (Cinerama) : If he reads this interview, what do you want to say to him ?

For me, I would simply say him to hold on, never give up and comeback, is such a great actor and I think that he could comeback.  I would say get some help and get off of the drinking and get back to acting but he hasn’t done anything in years so chances of the studios picking him up for anything is very very very slim.

Burt (Cinerama) : Thank you very much for answering my questions Carole, or should I say Liz ? Thank you very much for your time and for answering me, you’re definitely a great lady.

Thanks, it really was sad to see him that way. Carole

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